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The omnipotent Coronavirus  has the power to bring the most intelligent and robust specie to its knees. And it has-for the moment. Who would ever had thought that the sky could be falling, and hell could freeze over? Whether humankind succeeds in the fight, quite frankly, depends on you.

For such a time as this,  the world needs you. Don’t look away. I’m talking to you. Yes, YOU. We need ordinary people (there aren’t any other kinds of people) to do extraordinary things and I know you are now up to the task. WE are in this together, as humankind’s new motto loudly proclaims. To shine and be relevant in these trying times and thereafter, you need to be the best you possible in your personal, business and family life.

Before you can consider using your huge reservoir of talent (you know you have this, don’t you?), an initial set of three existential questions are begging for an answer. These are the questions you are asking and thinking about each and every day.

  1. What does one do when their worst nightmare has itself turned into unimaginable horror?
  2. Where does one turn when they have absolutely no where to turn?
  3. How can one live with 360-degree fear and still maintain their sanity?

Your economic and emotional pain is most likely a “12” out of a possible 10.   However, the discussion below, will lead you out of the abyss.  As you continue to think about and act upon these concepts, your life will be transformed. The shadow of negativity that follows you around will disappear. You’ll regain your footing in the game of life and become an influence for future generations.

If you don’t care about helping yourself and then creating a special kind of future that doesn’t yet exist for your kids and grandkids, stop reading because nothing that follows will be of interest to you. But, if you want to learn how an ordinary you can start doing extraordinary things in each aspect of your life, you just might want to continue.



The world is thinking and acting differently. Now it’s your turn to do the same. There is an old saying: WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH THE TOUGH GET GOING. This use to mean that we were tough on each other. It was all about winning. A total zero-sum game. Today, the meaning of this old phrase has drastically changed. We are no longer tough on each other. We are now tough on the problems we collectively face.

Take social distancing for example. When we follow the 6 feet-apart protocol, we are saying as we separate, I GOT THIS; I TRUST YOU; WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

Thinking differently is now at a premium. It will provide you with the fuel to get you to your chosen destination. Zig Ziglar, for decades, taught this important life changing lesson:  It’s not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life; it’s how you HANDLE what happens to you that becomes determinative.

Life is no longer about winning or losing. It’s really about COLLABORATING. Those days of I win-You lose appear to be over. Scientists all over the world are talking to each other; companies are in serious conversations with their customers. Creditors are having discussions with their debtors and landlords and tenants are also having that important conversation. Each are saying the same thing: Let’s make this work.

The person that got paid not to understand something because their salary depended on it is now obsolete. This person has been knocked down and out, by what I call the domino effect to the vertical relationship chain. Just as you have obligations to meet, the people and entities you are in a contractual relationship with also have agreements to live up to. Those who want something from you have their own wants they need met from others. This vertical relationship chain is long and complex. The point is that everyone is experiencing the same kinds of anxiety at the same time.

While collaboration has finally become the dominant approach toward working with and understanding others, having the right attitude still remains the single determining factor for living the life of your dreams. NOTHING HAS MEANING EXCEPT THE MEANING THAT YOU GIVE IT. Also note that WHAT YOU BELIEVE TO BE TRUE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT IS REALLY TRUE. Having the right attitude is the difference between surviving or thriving.  Since everything in life exists in potential, it’s your decision and choice how to respond to events. Perhaps you heard the story of the Two Twins. One remarks to the other, I could never be an alcoholic. Dad was one and I wanted something better for me. The other replies: Of course, I’m an alcoholic.  Dad was one so I became one.

It is now 2022. Assume the virus has been conquered. The economy is up and running. How has your life changed? If your company downsized or went out of business, it’s time (past the time) to be the CEO of your life and take charge. Start by making a get to do list- A list of things you always wanted to do but “life” got in the way. Rekindle those long-forgotten dreams of yesteryear and at the same time review the temporary survival plan you put in place to get you through the next bunch of months.

Some, who have simply been left behind, admit in a moment of truth, that they became expendable because they did just enough to get by. Here’s the thing about attitude: Although it’s a mental process, it manifests itself in the things you do and is visible for all to see. Remember, if nothing (as in your thinking) changes, nothing changes. Life is hard. Stop making it harder. Your job is also to finally become the CEO of your life. You can’t change what has happened. You can change what will happen. Like most things in life, the choice is entirely yours’.

There are 3 things I NEVER want you to FORGET. (1)You will always remain employable when you IMPROVE YOUR SKILLSETS. (2)Taking the path of least resistance by playing the victim will keep you encased in the cement of your current status. (3)The only permanent wealth you will ever have is the positive thoughts you carry around in your head.

Whether its 2022 or today, your life will be full of joy, excitement and challenges  when you choose to see possibilities instead of impossibilities. Sure, you can live your life anyway that you want, but you get to live it ONCE. What you CHOOSE to see will affect your vision of your future. It is better to have  a range of options rather than fewer or none. Like the world, it’s time to act and think differently.

Therefore, if you do nothing else today, the one thing that you must do is to decide to lead yourself.