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5 Top Morning Nuggets For April

A superior decision will always be made when WHAT SHOULD NOT BE DONE is considered as well with WHAT SHOULD BE DONE. There is usually NO ONE in charge of the former-so why not you?

If success was guaranteed, there would be nothing you would fear doing. A THOUGHT: You can, through your thinking and bias for action, GUARANTY YOUR OWN SUCCESS.  It’s time to STOP  hiding in your  NEGATIVE MENTAL SILO of I CAN’T. …You CAN DO IT. 

Only YOU get to define the REAL YOU. Sure people like to define you in a way that makes them look better. Always, they define the incomplete you. They never take the time to see ALL OF YOU. Make them see the invisible part that they refuse to see. 

Have you ever said to yourself upon waking up,”THIS IS MY DAY?”Have you walked into a work meeting and said to yourself, “I’M MAKING THIS  MEETING GREAT ?” Have you returned home from work and said, “I WILL LEARN ABOUT MY KIDS” DAY?”  Why not?

It has been said, THAT THE HOTTEST PLACES IN HELL ARE RESERVED FOR THOSE WHO IN TIMES OF MORAL CRISIS MAINTAINED THERE NEUTRALITY. Exactly when are you going to say, in the home or at work, what you should have said a long time ago?




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