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No matter how far you’ve gone on the wrong road it’s never too late to turn back.” Dennis Haber’s easy and fun read, Your Finest Hour, outlines the best way to do so. Perfect for every stage of life, and for every life situation, it informs and educates. Be prepared for a better you!Marsha F.

I love that chapters end with a summary of Action Steps. Dennis Haber is able to distill his experience, pithy anecdotes and the wisdom of others into an easy read. It was great to be reminded of so many life lessons, and to consider new ones. “Your Finest Hour” is a great gift for any professional or student! – Vikram R.

Your Finest Hour is a comprehensive success manual that introduces you to a world of new possibilities.  Dennis Haber provides inspirational guidance and action steps to help you maintain a positive focus no matter what challenges may arise.  If you want to achieve more, build solid relationships, and live life to the fullest, Your Finest Hour will show you the way.
Jeff K.

If I were looking for all the information I would need to break into the business world, Your Finest Hour would be my resource.  It’s a user’s manual for how to look for, find, start, progress, master and complete a career in virtually any field in today’s marketplace, from personal habits to professional proficiency.  Just amazingly thorough and complete–and doable!
Laurie M.

Your Finest Hour is the superb guide for taking your life to new heights of achievement.  It contains a treasure trove of ideas that debunks myths, interrogates stubborn beliefs, and offers new and refreshing perspectives about how to awaken your full potential.  Dennis shares his timeless thoughts that will lead to a life well-lived in your business, family and personal endeavors. It’s your turn to become unstoppable.
Matthew L.

This isn’t just a book; it’s a tool for real personal improvement, encouraging you to face challenges head-on and pursue your goals with persistence. Dennis offers practical advice on handling failures and building a growth mindset. The exercises made me think deeply about my life and choices, and the sections on self-talk emphasize the transformative impact of our inner dialogue on personal growth. A must-read for anyone looking to better themselves in a straightforward, effective way.
Jerry A.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely place. The long hours and constant stress of running a business had me close to defeat, as I was surrounded by imposter syndrome feelings. Your Finest Hour not only helped me break free from this mindset it also stopped me from living in fear. Dennis, in his book, gave me the tools to reel my confidence back in so I could become the person and leader I wanted to be. If the concepts and strategies outlined here worked for me, they will work for you.
John D.

Dennis brings his unique perspective to this self-awareness topic and lends an important perspective for all of us to consider and act upon.  Your Finest Hour requires the reader to stop throughout the book to review earlier chapters which then reinforces concepts used as building blocks to this educational process.  This is a very clever approach to enhance the author’s impact of this complex subject matter for the reader.  This book offers the potential for a life changing experience for the reader.  Few books open the doors for this type of opportunity.
Chase M.

Stuck is not the worst place to be. But it is far worse to be moving in the wrong direction as you “wing it”. To move in the right direction, it is important to access the concepts and strategies contained in Your Finest Hour. This book is an absolute must read because it acts as your game of life NFL playbook. Dennis provides all the X’s and O’s, the plays and the reasons for your next move. Now it’s time to ask an important question. How much will it cost me if I don’t read this book? The answer is It will cost you a lot.
Dan S.

How do we reverse course in our lives?
Dennis Haber in his latest book, Your Finest Hour, gives us all we need to know. None of us has time to linger if we want to walk a new path. Dennis gives us exercises, questions, and asks us to ponder and, yes, to answer. It works! He also asks us to decide on what we want to be and to mirror (model) that image. The image materializes and becomes reality, and with time and work we achieve our goals. This book can and will change your life. The practice of modeling transformed mine.
Beverly B.

Dennis’ writing will give you a clear path to improve upon a learning process while building an inner self-confidence. His stories provide clarity and warmth you can take anywhere, as you continue on your journey.
Michael M.

I have read so many self-help/motivational books over the years; Eckhart Tolle, Osho, etc. and other relationship books. What separates yours from the others, for me, is that I can honestly apply your book to my entire life: My marriage, my children, my career, my future and my perception of myself. What a great book to help me realize my true self-worth. I’ve already gone back to re-read certain parts again. A must have in everyone’s arsenal of life tools. Thank you for sharing.
Anthony M.

Dennis taught me to listen to people talk rather than interrupt the conversation. A great tool for excelling at face to face communication.
Dominic A.

The book is an easy read and well written which makes it easy for everyone to understand as opposed to so many self-help books that are written in heavy language and therefore don’t serve their purpose. Even my 15 year old son understood parts that I read to him! I especially liked the way you explained “learning mode”.
Rajni K.

Reading this book I am reminded of the saying, “Fish discover water last.” This excellent book is a reminder to step back, think and self-examine the intellectual tools that you are using. Here you get practical suggestions on how to enhance and improve your skillsets. Being in learning mode has helped me find the needed solutions, while remaining stress free.
Patrick S.

Your book gave me a better understanding of how to live life to my fullest potential, how to take every challenge in stride and become a better person along the way. I totally enjoyed reading it.
Martin W.

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