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5 Top Morning Nuggets For December

There are 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. Yet, you wish you had more time, right? There is never enough time to get EVERYTHING done, but there is always enough time to get theIMPORTANT THINGS done.


Those who succeed in life always have a future orientation. They are HERE  They want to get THERE. They answer the question: What do I need to do?  Begin with improving core competencies at work and at home.


 If you think no one can hear your thoughts think again. Everyone can see your actions and by implication know your thoughts. Now you have the power to align your thoughts and actions and make people see you in the light you wish to be seen. Wow!


 Leaders believe that leading is about TALKING & TELLING. It’s not.  Great Leaders know it’s about LISTENING & LEARNING. Leaders believe they should talk first. No they shouldn’t. Great Leaders know they should talk last. Remember it’s about LISTENING & LEARNING.


Here’s a  rather important question: How do you measure success?For some it’s the $ they’ve made. For others: it’s the awards that accumulate.  Success may be something more like striving for something greater than yourself. Is it objective or subjective? It’s your call.  #MorningNuggets


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