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5 Top Morning Nuggets For February

If you are settling for an average life, know that your life CAN BE SO MUCH MORE. You are your own guiding force. Like the pilot behind the controls, you can soar as high as you desire. YOU CAPTAIN, just need to take over the controls and navigate.


The number one reason you are stuck in the MUD OF LIFE is because when something happens  you say, “THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD HAVE DONE TO CHANGE THINGS” When you re-examine your predicament in earnest, you will discover that there was plenty that you could have done.


   Too many people with HUGE POTENTIAL die UNDISCOVERED-because of the caustic words of others, who by the way, know not what they are talking about. Dig deep down for that unwavering belief in your-self and you will become everything you want to be. 


 When things aren’t going your way in your family, personal, professional or business life, play with the situation in your head for awhile and think about the possibilities, by asking WHAT IF….You’ll be amazed at how fast solutions will surface. 


 So you haven’t made it YET. Do you think Gates, Musk, Edison, Bezos, Dell & Tesla made it immediately? Things like SUCCESS don’t happen when you want them to. They happen sometimes after much sweat, toil and tears…sometimes when you are about to give up…..


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