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5 Top Morning Nuggets for June

Arriving at a conclusion is rather easy. Many say that is when all thinking stops. Instead of being satisfied with an answer, ASK: HOW ELSE CAN I THINK ABOUT THIS? Sometimes, you will even arrive at a better solution.


Understanding that FAILURE can turn into a treasured EDUCATION is one of the most enlightening realizations you will ever make. It frees you up to learn another lesson that needs to be taught. This makes climbing the ladder of success so much more fun. 


If you are NOT WILLING to learn no one can help you. If you are DETERMINED to learn, no one can STOP YOU. Learning  Mode applies to your business, personal and family life. It’s now a month later, 6 months later, 1 year later- Can you see the new you yet?


Standing out quickly in a highly competitive world is more important than ever. You must navigate constant issues of information asymmetry. Someone will always possess  information you do not possess. Your job, when it is important to do so, is to narrow this gap


 Even though you may have some money, are reasonably educated, have good health, deep down you still have a nagging sense that all is not well. The shadow of self-doubt follows you around. You probably feel like you are not really in charge of you. Answering these 3 questions could provide the breakthrough that you’ll need. Have I lived? Have I loved? Do I really matter?



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