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5 Top Morning Nuggets for September

It is never a good idea to overdo it. The situation can become destructive when you drench someone with a firehose, when all they asked for was a cup of water.



The information age will continue to shatter the amount of information available for consumption. This has already brought a cataclysmic shift in knowing. It may not be how much you know, but rather how much you don’t know that counts.



A person who understands that control over the mind is the foundation for a successful life knows that there is nothing that has ever stopped a determined a committed person from achieving what he has set out to do.



Never intrude into another’s life. Giving unwanted advice, no matter how sound or no matter how caring, can itself ignite a flame of relationship strife. Better to ask, Would you like to hear my thoughts on that?



You always have a choice. You can think big or you can think small. If you want to improve  your life A LOT list the behaviors you need to add, subtract, do more and less of. If you want to improve A LITTLE go through the same routine.  The point is: It takes the same amount of DOING thinking small as  thinking big. So, think BIG. 


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