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A Lost and Found is not for People

It was a day like most other days- full of hope and expectations. Today my wife and I were homeward bound after enjoying a wonderful vacation. As the wheels of the plane made contact with the tarmac, I mouthed a silent enthusiastic “YES”, denoting relief to a safe arrival after a rather bumpy flight. All that stood between us and home was the unappetizing task of locating our luggage on carousel 6. By the time we arrived, a sea of people were already there waiting to claim theirs.

As this sea of people slowly evaporated, we continued to wait. The luggage never came.  Hope turned into despair when the steady hum of the conveyor belt stopped, along with all movement.

Immediately we headed toward the Lost & Found office which was located off to the side of the baggage claim area. We saw it right away. The blue ribbons tied around each handle made it easy to find. Inexplicably our luggage was placed on an earlier flight.

Upon arriving home, a thought popped into my mind- If one goes to a lost and found when something is lost, where does a person go when he or she has lost their way? When a person becomes mentally lost and confused about who they are  and what to do about it, they don’t say, “Have you seen me- I’m lost? A lost and found is for things. It is not for beings.

Because everything in the universe exists in potential, one is really dealing with a state of mind.

Life is never about finding your SELF. It’s about creating and re-creating your SELF. I will show you how. Words that you say to the SELF becomes the difference maker. You need to stop dumping garbage into your mind.

You always have a choice. You can float on the sea of life or drown in a sea of negativity. You can be intimidated when one sets a record (sales, salary, promotion) or be inspired by it. You can let your hopes and dreams be thrown of course when someone rains on your parade or become more careful to whom you listen to. You can be stopped by an obstacle or be ready for a comeback having been setup by the setback. See the reaching in your mind. Because it’s all in your mind.

First you need mental clarity to think empowering, champion-type  thoughts. It helps to think like a sculptor. Before a sculptor can create something amazing, they understand the characteristics of the material they are sculpting. Likewise, before you can create and recreate a new you, you too must first understand your characteristics- your existing SELF.  You accomplish this by asking questions.

Here are the 3 essential questions that must be answered before the creation can begin:

What do I do to inspire others?

What do I do that frustrates others?

What do I not know about my SELF that everyone seems to know?

The feedback from those you trust will provide an important characteristic  baseline that will enable you to enhance relationships, tackle problems, learn new things and promote accountability. Improvement happens when attitudes are modified, skill sets are enhanced, fear no longer controls and personal effort knows no constraints.  Only when you become aware of your kryptonite can progress beget even more progress and success.

It’s time to create a new you. Are you ready?

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