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How many times have you asked yourself unenthusiastically, “Is that all there is?” when surveying your life. You know you can do so much more, but life has you in what seems like an inescapable stranglehold . You can’t bust free. Your lack of strength prevails because self-doubt – like an invading virus, weakens the body’s will. The all-consuming powerlessness you  feel quickly zaps your mental and physical strength.  Oh my gosh!!! It just happened again. Another opportunity just passed  you by because you were too busy wallowing in abject despair. But wait….there is something YOU can do.

There are 3 powerful things that you can use to ply yourself from this negative countervailing lifeforce . The first is to have FAITH in your decisions. This presupposes that you have a sound system for decision making. Do you? The second is to have HOPE in your future. While hope is not a strategy, improving your skill sets are a proven method to regain hope. What skills are you improving? The third is to have LOVE in your relationships. Relationships reflect back your humanity. You have to give before you can get. How loving are your relationships?

When you start making wiser decisions, enhance your important relationships and lay the groundwork for hope to fill your thoughts, your answer to the above important question about life will be an enthusiastic YES.




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