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Top Morning Nuggets For May

In these perilous times, you can thrive if you have the unwavering constitution that prevailing is the only choice. It’s a clear opportunity that you will have to “show them what you’re made of.” The point: Go beyond resilience. Become ANTIFRAGILE–MUCH STRONGER.


It’s time you ask yourself this key question: Is my GO TO FIRST MOVE to COMPLAIN  about how UNFAIR LIFE IS? or is it to become a CATALYST for needed change so my situation IMPROVES A LOT?…Now that’s more like it 


 Fear is part of life. It’s an opportunity to say I’m scared but maybe I can learn something. It’s not something to avoid. The difference between fear and panic is the magnitude of overreacting.


 When things are going well in your business and in your life, it’s hard to distinguish between those who LOOK SMART and those who ARE SMART. This is the difference between BEING PREPARED and FOOLING YOURSELF.


 As the proverb says: Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.It’s easy to forget that what you just said can’t be unsaid. “A sorry” may not be enough. A sincere compliment though can be life changing to the recipient. The power is yours.  



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