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Slander Against Yourself Is A Crime

Many folks I have talked to have become a stranger to themselves. On the one side sits an unclaimed future. On the other side sits a past with a powerful vortex that cannot be escaped. One of the reasons it is difficult to escape the past is because you continually commit slander against yourself. “I’m too stupid to advance in my job” is a common one.

When you slander yourself, the mind transmutes your thinking  to victimhood. Out of necessity it becomes easy to blame others for your current situation. You are released from causing the predicament.  This frees your mind from doing anything constructive to make the situation better. This is a pretty neat trick the mind plays. It is so much easier to blame your boss; your co -workers; your spouse; your in- laws, etc. Anyone but YOU.

Committing slander against yourself is the first step to achieving victimhood.  Blaming others is the second step. Entangling the false with the truth and the irrelevant with the relevant enables you to weave a fictional story that permits the blame game to continue unabated.

Here is what you can do to reclaim control over your life.

First– Recognize that there is a built in urgency to life. No one knows how many tomorrows you have left.

Second –  You and only you have the power to change how things are. The way you are today has nothing to do with the way you can be tomorrow. You can change your thought molecules. You can change the degree and type of actions you can now take. With a new awareness, you can finally replace a bad habit with a good habit.

Third– Remember you cannot change other people. BUT you can change and  when you change, other people will respond to those changes. This is the humanness factor at play.

Fourth– Truth is the antidote against slander. Keep a record of your victories and triumphs close by. It is so easy to forget about these things, while remembering just the bad stuff that happens.

Fifth– Change is the immutable rule of life. If you forget this rule, you will always be fighting a losing battle. It is impossible to fight WHAT ALREADY IS.

When you follow these principles you will free yourself from the shackles that hold you back in your personal, business and family life.

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