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Don’t Play With Fire

For many people life resembles a fire that is out of control. Don’t Play With Fire provides many important tools that keeps your emotions in check so you can make the best decisions you need to make. These tools will help you become better in your personal, family and business life. The book discusses proven time tested strategies that provide you with herculean power to conquer fears, clobber obstacles and crush self-doubt. You’ll experience the joy of continuously improving your business, personal and family skills. You also learn about concepts, ideas and principles that will enable you to be, do and have everything you want in life. Life is still expecting more from you. Now you can expect more from life.

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Momentum 13

Dennis Haber is a contributing author to this best selling book.

MOMENTUM is for anyone who DARES to matter. It forces you to confront the preciousness of your existence in your personal, family and business life. The stories presented here will make you relevant at crucial moments in life because they contain proven principles you can call your own.

MOMENTUM is a collaborative effort  that details 13 lessons from action takers that have changed the world. The principles and stories in the book highlight the necessity for human development and business development. It offers a plethora of profitable and powerful ideas that add to your very own tool box of life.

True MOMENTUM is the force in life that makes going uphill feel like you’re going downhill. Imagine that happening more often. How much better would you be? A lot better is the only answer. This book will make you smile from ear to ear because you will see how you too can use MOMENTUM to advance your hopes and dreams and reach heights of achievement you never thought possible.

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