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    Dennis Haber
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    Dennis Haber is a Long Island and Boca Raton based certified life coach, keynote speaker, and author who captivates audiences throughout the country. Through his book, Don’t Play With Fire: How To Keep Your Greatness From Going Up In Flames, Dennis helps individuals regain hope and conquer negative thinking. He wants to give them the tools to accomplish tangible goals. Whether that means financial success, better relationships with friends and family, positive thinking, or all of the above, Dennis has something to offer a variety of audiences.

    Dennis is available as a keynote speaker for corporate events, retreats, conferences, and similar gatherings. During his speeches, Don’t Play With Fire really comes to life as Dennis delivers an inspirational message tailored to your group. His speeches are designed to empower audiences to flip the script on negative thinking and shut off the emotional feedback loops that halt and restrict progress. For availability, contact Dennis Haber today.

    The Reasons You’ll Want to Hire Dennis Haber as Your Keynote Speaker

    The difference between another boring, trite keynote speaker and a truly great speaker is simple:

    A great speaker makes his or her audience feel something.

    And that’s what Dennis does with every single speech and public event.

    Dennis Haber wants to:

    • Help people discover that source of hope in scary times
    • Help people unleash their mountain size potential so they can give family and friends something to aspire to
    • Help people transform obstacles into opportunities and focus on what they CAN do rather than what they CAN’T do

    Dennis is one of the relatively few Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainers who also became a Ziglar Legacy Certified Coach. He is also DISC certified. With a unique and inspirational story, Dennis is an engaging speaker. He survived brain surgery 40 years ago and stage four cancer more recently, and now he is keeping his vow to make the most of his time on earth. The lessons he learned have allowed Dennis to transform his personal, business, and family life, and he wants to share that gift of transformative hope with others. Through proven techniques, not feel-good platitudes, he believes positive change is closer than we realize.

    If you are looking for a keynote speaker who can travel to your upcoming conference, corporate event, or meeting, contact Dennis Haber today.

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