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Top Morning Nuggets For December

Many folks have a dream and put it away in a secret place and never look at it again. Now go to that place and  view it  every day until you have turned your stored away dreams into something real important.


 This morning have you said for the one thousandth time, It’s not the right time to do this, talk about this, achieve this, believe this, etc? For some people it will NEVER be the right time. However, magic happens when it dawns on you that the right time is when you JUST DO IT.


Those that take aim, and keep on aiming but never fire, never get anywhere. There are concrete times when action is required. Thinking things through is great. But if aiming is all you do, you will never hit your target (goal).


 Success is not just about achieving. Success is also about becoming. You will be, do and have more when you take the steps to become the person you aspire to be. Success starts on the inside. Nothing on the outside happens by itself


 It is never a good idea to go overboard. Trying to impress too much can be harmful to your progress. The situation can turn destructive when you drench someone with a firehose when they only ask for a cup of water.

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