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Top Morning Nuggets For January

Think how much more efficient and in control you would be if you changed your vocabulary just a bit. Stop saying to yourself,  I OUGHT TO  DO and I SHOULD DO….. SAY   I CHOOSE TO DO (after appropriate consideration of the facts and circumstances.)


ACCOMPLISHMENT is your birthright. SUCCESS and ATTAINMENT are the natural order of things, WHEN YOU BELIEVE in your abilities. Only you can make things happen. WAITING FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN IS NO WAY TO LIVE.


A bad habit can grow wild like a weed.  When ignored, the weed and the habit will grow strong root systems that make it harder to eliminate. Therefore, the sooner a bad habit is replaced with a good habit, the sooner the damage will be contained.


 Instead of telling, ASK QUESTIONS. Instead of always being the “expert,” ENCOURAGE OTHERS. Instead of showing dazzling brilliance, SHINE THE SPOTLIGHT away from you. Now, you are becoming a respected leader. That is what you want, isn’t it?


Some parents are too quick to give their children the CLIFF NOTES course on life. This happens when they come to their kid’s rescue without providing the tools and skills to help them solve their problems. The course they “teach” leaves out much about living a successful life.

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