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Top Morning Nuggets For July

 Never let a thought roam around your mind UNRESTRAINED. Study the thought for its effect. Once a thought is accepted, act on it. The action allows an objective to be achieved. A thought then action-A CHAMPION OF LIFE. Hello Champion.


Today’s Lesson: How to make a TERRIBLE DECISION:

                HAVE NO ALTERNATIVES.



                If you remain in your well-established impenetrable MENTAL SILO, disaster is     approaching.


Another key to success is ERROR RECOVERY, not ERROR EVASION. Doing less than you could because of  undue worry about a mistake is paralyzing.  LEARN this EARLY in life, and you will have a GREAT LIFE. ERROR RECOVERY leads to exponential GROWTH. ERROR EVASION leads to exponential DECLINE. Your choice.


To create a successful business you can certainly do it the expensive way by hiring for talent. You can also do it more efficiently by DEVELOPING TALENT.  Do you have a sustainable program to do this? Why not?


How you see the world is up to you. There is the EVENT that just happened. Then there is the story you concoct about the event. What is important IS your story about the event. You see, NOTHING HAS MEANING EXCEPT THE MEANING THAT YOU GIVE IT.

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