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Top Morning Nuggets For March

Too many people believe that their job description includes NEVER MAKING ERRORS and they don’t. Importantly, they do not have a process to IMPROVE and GROW. When the company ceases to exist, future job prospects also won’t exist.


 Just because someone sends you an email or a text doesn’t mean you have to interrupt what you are doing. When you get the important work done first, YOU’LL BE ABLE TO DO SO MUCH MORE.


Are you known as the GO TO dependable person in your company? If not, why not? What would you have to do to attain this status? You do want to attain this status, don’t you?


Here’s a  rather important question: How do you measure success?

For some it’s the $ they’ve made. For others it’s the awards that accumulate.  Success may be something more like striving for something greater than yourself. Is it objective or subjective? It’s your call.


Even “ordinary people” (you) can do extraordinary things. Ordinary people have the power to enhance the employer-employee dynamics. In a reciprocal move, the employee and employer must be adding value to each other.

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