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Top Morning Nuggets for April

Trust is like the air that you breathe. When it is present no one notices. When it is absent, everyone notices. TRUST AFFECTS REPUTATION. Better have a great reputation because everyone notices all the time and  IT WILL ALWAYS ARRIVE BEFORE YOU DO.


People generally give too little thought to properly defining the problem at hand. The focus quickly turns to a search for a SOLUTION. Often the Solution is ineffective. A solution which fixes a symptom of the problem is no solution at all.


 Life is a lot like golf. A bad shot can take a lucky bounce and turn into a good shot. A good shot can take an unfortunate bounce and turn into a disaster. The lesson: When the focus is upon improving  EFFORT,you will never be discouraged because of the outcome.


Your choices are like choosing from a menu in a restaurant. I would like this and that. Your life also will reflect what you choose from the menu of life. Choose wisely and carefully. If you don’t you will have a perpetual tummy ache & headache.


There are THREE THINGS you can do to make next year YOUR YEAR.

  1. STOP being a puppet to impulses.
  2. Get ACTIVE in your own RESCUE
  3. START acting AS IF you already are what you intend to become. 

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