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Top Morning Nuggets For May

It is important to create a MENTAL VAULT that cannot be breached. When distractions are cast aside and first impressions are taken under advisement, you will achieve phenomenal performance that will provide you with unlimited success.


Three questions that will help you determine where your life is heading: What do you stand for? What principles do you believe are essential and important? And what is your purpose in life?


 Imagine the spectacular results you will achieve at home and at work, if what you said was in the right amount, in the right way and at the right time. It is far better to control the emotional fire burning within, than let those emotional flames scorch everything in its path.


Sharpening your skills each day is YOUR MAIN JOB. Imagine you are looking back from the future 1 year from now.  With sharpened skills, you’ll see a life filled with abundant possibilities that become reality.  Never forget YOUR MAIN JOB.


If you are settling for an average life, know that your life CAN BE SO MUCH MORE. You are your own guiding force. Like the pilot behind the controls, you can soar as high as you desire. YOU ARE THE PILOT OF YOUR LIFE. NOW SOAR.

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