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5 Top Morning Nuggets For April

Too many people have REGRETS they can’t do anything about as they are about to enter those pearly gates. So, it’s time you get serious and ask yourself, AM I THE BEST ME POSSIBLE? Asking this now could change THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE. 


Stop mixing up the past and future with the present. Each is different. You LEARN from the past. You ASPIRE to make a great future. You can only get there by LIVING IN THE PRESENT.


Don’t be like a fish and take the bait because IT’S dangling in front of you. Carefully examine each situation. Then take the appropriate action. The best possible course of action requires a well thought-out response instead of an INSTANT emotional reaction.


Working at the outer margins of your competence can bring you a fortune. As your new experiences sharpen your burgeoning skills, you will have created additional building blocks for success.


The world is in reset mold. Your MENTAL RESET thought: IT’S NO LONGER ABOUT BEING TOUGH ON EACH OTHER. IT”S ABOUT BEING TOUGH ON THE PROBLEM. Scientists, businesses, creditors and Landlords are now in COLLABORATION MODE. It’s your turn. Isn’t it?


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