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Dennis Haber
Certified Life Coach

Discover The Best Version Of Yourself


Dennis Haber is a certified life coach, author, and public speaker. He believes that people can be, do and have everything in life. They can achieve their dreams as long as they are willing to put in the hard work necessary. Dennis helps his clients escape negative thinking and achieve sustainable measurable success.

Never Worked With a Life Coach Before?

If you’ve never worked with a life coach before, then it takes courage to take that first step. Everyone needs help at some point in their life, and everyone deserves that help. In recent years, Silicon Valley CEOs, celebrities, politicians, and regular folks all over the country have benefited from the practical lessons life coaching can offer.

You will benefit from the support of a life coach if:

  • You feel lost
  • You have forgotten how to hope for a better future
  • You are tired of watching your dreams slip away
  • You’re afraid that change isn’t possible
  • You don’t know how to go after what you really want in life
  • You are tired of the cliche self-help guides with nothing to offer

By offering proven techniques to shut down negative thinking, avoid emotional feedback loops, and regain hope, Dennis can introduce you to your best self.

Dennis sees it as his mission to help people overcome fear, negativity, obstacles, career stagnation, and what he calls “attitude sclerosis.” In his personal life, Dennis has overcome paralysis, brain surgery, cancer, business and financial stress. These challenges taught Dennis the skills needed to survive and conquer. Now he wants to share those life skills with his clients. You can now find the hope and strength you’ve been searching for.

How Life Coaching With Dennis Works

If you are finally ready to make a change, then it’s time to call Haber Consulting.

Dennis will provide actionable one-on-one coaching tailored to both your unique challenges and ultimate goals. Your journey will begin with a customizable session designed to get you where you want to go. This collaborative process will help you identify your unique skills and the untapped potential within you. Along the way, Dennis will offer you the support, accountability, and rigorous coaching you need to overcome obstacles so you can live your best life.

To get started, contact Dennis Haber today.

Remember: You deserve help. Change is always possible.


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