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5 Top Morning Nuggets For August

Never intrude into another’s life. Giving unwanted advice, no matter how sound or no matter how caring, can itself ignite a flame of relationship strife. Better to ask, Would you like to hear my thoughts on that?


 Within your mistakes lies the gold. Mistakes make you wiser and smarter faster if you take the time to learn from them.


 There are three things that you can expect in life. Death, taxes and change. Life will trip you up badly if you refuse to recognize this truth. Live your life fully, spend wisely so there is money left over to meet your financial obligations and evolve because nothing ever stays the same.


Your mood is an important indicator of how you view the world. You will see things one way when you are happy and another way when you are not. The situation hasn’t changed. You have. Give this some thought.


Your journey through life requires a commitment to action. Thoughts are great but thoughts without action will never get you on your way. Look at where you are and determine where you wish to wind up.


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