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5 Top Morning Nuggets For January

Have you ever thought about or considered that KNOWING WHAT TO IGNORE and WHAT NOT TO THINK ABOUT is among the most important jobs that you have, if you really want to attain respect and success?

 It is important to create a MENTAL VAULT that cannot be breached. When distractions are cast aside and first impressions are taken under advisement, you will achieve phenomenal performance, and clear cut clarity that will keep you moving toward your goal.

 You could have more than a  billionaire will ever have.  When YOU’RE  SATISFIED; When YOUR BUSINESS, PERSONAL AND FAMILY LIFE ARE IN BALANCE. You’ll have the KNOWLEDGE that you got ENOUGH. They will never have enough.

 Which category resembles you? A long distance runner who can’t pace himself; A professional who short circuits the process and says anything to gain a new client quickly; A salesman who makes a sale knowing they can’t help the prospect. Often a little self discipline will gain more clients and make more sales.

 You REFUSE to ask questions because you don’t want others to think that you may not be that smart. Well, asking  THESE  2 questions will DISPEL THAT FEAR and PROVIDE a hint of probative wisdom: How do you know? and Please, could you help me understand….?


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