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5 Top Morning Nuggets for January

It is often said that no plan survives execution. There are always unpredictable or unforeseen factors that will exert its influence. That is why you always need  a nimble“Plan B that allows you to pivot in another direction. 


 When your plan is the only plan that you have, you may feel like your feet are stuck in cement. You are going nowhere. This is especially true when your ONLY PLAN is no longer viable. It’s always best to have a sound alternative available for quick execution. 


It is important to realize that THE MIND is all you got. Use it well. Negative thoughts keep you trapped to misery. Positive thoughts will free you. Try this:  Say to yourself- Today I will strive to do  better. I will accept constructive criticism without lashing out. I am committed to improving my performance ( at home and at work.) The result: You will do and feel a lot better!


 There are THREE THINGS you can do right now to make this year YOUR YEAR.

  1. STOP being a puppet to impulses.
  2. Get ACTIVE in your own RESCUE
  3. START acting AS IF you already are what you intend to become. 


An important goal is to create a MENTAL VAULT that cannot be breached. When distractions are cast aside and first impressions are taken under advisement, you will achieve phenomenal performance, and clear cut clarity that will keep you moving toward your goal.  


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