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5 Top Morning Nuggets for July

A problem can stop you dead in your tracks. Only you have the absolute power to determine whether you will be  stopped TEMPORARILY or PERMANENTLY. Like most things in life it’s just another choice that you make.

Words you speak hang in the air forever. So choose your words carefully. Nothing can filter out and clean the air of the words you  regretted saying. What is said cannot be unsaid. Simply tell your mind to be quiet NOW. If you must, these words could be spoken at a better time. 

Only YOU can redefine your past, and reimagine your future by acting on your present. A thought is MUCH MORE than just a thing. A thought, your thought, can influence many things. Like, WHAT YOU DO TODAY. 

Just don’t make the fatal mistake of giving yourself more credit than is due.  A LITTLE BIT OF KNOWLEDGE  often begets CONFIDENCE when it shouldn’t.  You will get into trouble when your CONFIDENCE level  prematurely soars.

Have you lived through some terrible times in your life, some of which actually happened? You see premature worrying makes you worry twice as much and twice as hard. Most of the time you will have wasted valuable opportunity and energy. 



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