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5 Top Morning Nuggets for June


 Pushing forward without first seeing instant tangible results,IS THE PATHWAY to achieving a phenomenal future. The compound explosion effect occurs whenever you maintain a sustained activity. A penny that doubles in value every day  will be worth 16 cents after 5 days and over $10,000,000 26 days later. Great results take time and they will happen when you put in sustained effort.


Everyone has that black hole in their mind“I’m not good enough, smart enough or rich enough” .  You can fight back by TALKING BACK. You are responsible for what you say to yourself and what you do. Think about the last time  you said to  yourself, I CAN DO BETTER.


 When you are upset, never strike back. Take a timeout. Compose yourself. Then take appropriate action when you are composed. You will be SOOOOO glad you did.


Life is not a zero-sum game- You win therefore I lose. In the game of life everyone can win. Even you. The winning gambit is to create win-win opportunities for all. Taking responsibility for this outcome will improve your life tenfold.


GREATNESS is not about achieving. It’s about OVERCOMING. Often this is determined by HOW you did it– Not by WHAT you did. GROWTH may be evolutionary but GREATNESS is revolutionary.



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