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5 Top Morning Nuggets for March

Todays Lesson: How to make a terrible decision- HAVE NO ALTERNATIVES. IGNORE DISSENTING VOICES. ACCEPT EACH  ASSUMPTION AS TRUE. Keep thinking in your well established impenetrable MENTAL SILO. Do this and disaster will be around the corner. 


There is a HUGE difference between arriving at a conclusion you WANT TO BE TRUE compared to a conclusion that IS TRUE. In the former, you “make up” WHAT IS, rather than acknowledge  WHAT ACTUALLY IS.  The former will not help your career. 


Having an EXPERIENCE is a critical training component to a successful life. An EXPERIENCE, whether good or bad teaches. When you are willing to be taught, you can learn great things-even enhance your skills. HAVE MORE EXPERIENCES.  


When something bad or negative happens to you RED LIGHT IT. Stop to look at, review and examine what just happened. When you PAUSE THE IDEA you get a unique opportunity to study it from all sides. Then you will be ready if it ever happens again.


A bumpy ride today could turn into a smooth ride tomorrow when you LEARN from the STRUGGLES you face. There are no magic bullets in life. There are no shortcuts. There is at first, just that bumpy ride. 



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