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5 Top Morning Nuggets for May


You would be more tolerant of others when you picture their actions as efforts to do the right thing. This requires looking at things from their perspective. This also requires that you stop jumping to conclusions. Different personality traits see the same things -differently.


Better to focus upon the things you should do rather than upon the more emotional things you want to do. The first category will launch your home and work goals to soaring heights of achievement. The second category will only provide instant gratification for the moment.


EVERYONE  needs to increase their exposure to  density of ideas. This kind of collaboration is many times more efficient than individuals working alone. With collaboration, it is less likely that flawed assumptions and inconsistencies will go undetected.


Offering unsolicited advice is one of the most irritating moves you can make. This can have a harmful effect upon any relationship. So much wiser to ask, WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR MY THOUGHTS ON THIS? This way, you’ll know where you stand.


In these perilous times, you can thrive if you have the unwavering constitution that prevailing is the only choice. It’s a clear opportunity that you will have to “show them what you’re made of.” The point: Go beyond resilience. Become ANTIFRAGILE–MUCH STRONGER.


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