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5 Top Morning Nuggets For November

Problem is really an opportunity in disguise. It is something to learn from. Successful people fully understand this concept. They only have learning experiences. How successful do you want to become? 


 If you think no one can hear your thoughts, think again. Everyone can see your actions and by implication know your thoughts. Now you have the power to align your thoughts and actions and make people see you in the light you wish to be seen. Wow!


Leaders believe that leading is about TALKING & TELLING. It’s not.  Great Leaders  know it’s about LISTENING & LEARNING. Leaders believe they should talk first. No they shouldn’t. Great Leaders know they should talk last. Remember it’s about LISTENING & LEARNING.


Success and failure do not happen by accident. Both start gradually then manifest SUDDENLY. A constant review of your state of mind and habits are required to efficiently promote success and stop failure.


This one key clarifying question will test any speaker’s knowledge on any subject: HOW DO YOU KNOW?  Then wait for a well thought out response or nonsense. Knowing that one may not possess the knowledge they profess to have could provide you with added insight.


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