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5 Top Morning Nuggets For October


 If IGNORING FACTS is not wrong then Nothing is Wrong

If IGNORING EXPERTS is not wrong then Nothing is Wrong

If IGNORING SCIENCE  is not wrong then Nothing is Wrong

WHEN NOTHING IS WRONG, EVIL lurks behind every thought and deed


When a boss, friend or relative is on your case, riding you hard, it is easy to forget that they care about you. They want you to be better because you can be. 


A sunrise is a beautiful thing to watch each morning. More importantly, it separates an old day that you probably never want to see again from a new day that could be filled with a NEW BEGINNING. Make it so. 


Barriers and obstacles are not there to keep you from reaching your goals, hopes and dreams. They are there to test your resolve and determination. The question, How badly do you want to succeed? will be answered.


Life is a continuous search for wisdom. It is a good move to assume that the person you are speaking with may know something you don’t.


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