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Morning Nuggets For July

The overwhelming need to be right is not right. Better to do what is right…. Now that sounds right. A person who lacks the resilience to bounce back after an error, will do everything to show he is right.  When being right overtakes doing what is right, the company, the person, the family will eventually suffer greatly. #MorningNuggets


 Pushing forward without seeing instant tangible results, is the pathway to achieving a phenomenal payoff in the future. The compound explosion effect occurs whenever you maintain a sustained activity. A penny that doubles in value every day. It will be worth 16 cents after 5 days and over $10,000,000 26 days later. Great results take time and they will happen when you put in sustained effort. #MorningNuggets


 Everyone has that black hole in their mind. “I’m not good enough, smart enough or rich enough” is a constant refrain. You can fight back by talking back.  You are responsible for what you say to yourself and what you do. When was the last time that you said, I can do better and I will? #MorningNuggets


 When you are upset never strike back. Take a timeout. Compose yourself. Then take appropriate action when you are composed. You’ll be glad you did. #MorningNuggets


 Life is not a zero-sum game- You win therefore I lose. In the game of life everyone can win. Even you. The winning gambit is to create win-win opportunities for all. Taking responsibility for this outcome will improve your life tenfold. #MorningNuggets


If an event today turned out badly don’t fret. There is always tomorrow. Stop wishing for easier tasks. Work on opportunities to improve appropriate skill sets. In the long run, you will  become super-good and set an example for others to follow. #MorningNuggets


You have to lose enough to become great enough. Losing is the ultimate teacher. You can figure out what didn’t work and succeed the next time. There is always a next time, when you are ready to be taught. #MorningNuggets


  If everything exists is potential, then those who dare will meet and even exceed their potential. Daring- venturing just beyond your comfort level is YOUR opportunity to discover a world of possibility. #MorningNuggets


 This power thought, when sincerely implemented, can improve meaningful relationships: If something is important to you, it’s important to me just because it’s important to you. #MorningNuggets


 When you are inspired to achieve, another person shouldn’t be able to stop you. On the other hand, YOU could be the only thing that stands between you and the goal. Question: Are YOU getting in your own way, again? #MorningNuggets


 Greatness is not about achieving. It’s about overcoming. Often this is determined by how you did it– Not by what you did. Growth may be evolutionary. Greatness is revolutionary. #MorningNuggets


 Letting the enemy of doubt creep into your mind, is like that vile villain who can’t wait for an opportunity to betray you. Remember this: Nothing has meaning except the meaning that you give it.    #MorningNuggets


Remember, people who are doing better than you are not really better than you. They are more self-aware though. Let your self -awareness keep you focus on the only thing that matters-YOUR GROWTH as an individual. #MorningNuggets


You are the boss of you. This is a significant power. Having an abundance mentality  is critically important. Just because someone else succeeds (in the company, in the family or among your friends) does not mean that you also can’t succeed. Don’t make life a zero-sum game. #MorningNuggets


 Empathetic listening is crucial for understanding the depth and breadth of what is being conveyed. Listening with the heart and the mind is a huge improvement over just listening with the ears. #MorningNuggets


 Your past is not necessarily determinative. Who and what you are will always be evolving when you carve out time to improve your skills. An abiding commitment to a “better you” will sling shot you into a world of anything is possible.  #MorningNuggets


 You can create your own life plan or have someone create it for you. Now that’s an easy choice to make, isn’t it? Remember, you are the CEO of YOU. #MorningNuggets


 It’s not what you don’t know that gets you into trouble, it’s what you absolutely, positively know for sure that is not true, that gets you into trouble.  It is easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of trouble. #MorningNuggets


 Life’s goals don’t have to be stupendous or glamorous. They just need to be optimistically yours’ and action and future oriented. It means determining how to take advantage of that opportunity posing as something else- typically a problem or issue. #MorningNuggets


 You have incredible power. Goals, like machines just can’t turn themselves on. You are at the switch. Write goals down; have date to achieve; understand obstacles to traverse; determine whether you possess the necessary skills; and ask for help. #MorningNuggets


The right time to get started is not a year from now; not a month from now; not a week from now. Just start and take that baby step TODAY. You’ll be thrilled that you finally did. #MorningNuggets


 It is best to tackle a problem  when it is a marble-sized issue. You could wait until the problem grows into a baseball-sized or basketball-sized problem.  But, why would you procrastinate? As always, the power to resolve any issue is in your hands. #MorningNuggets


 Think of the issues that are causing you discomfort. Now envision that these concerns are in your life as a learning tool. Then ask, “What lesson(s) am I being taught?”  #MorningNuggets


 Being in your comfort zone offers a false sense of security. Things may feel and look right now, but when you stop “growing” your comfort zone will ultimately destroy you. Life without growth is quite destructive. #MorningNuggets


Leadership: Treat a person as if they were what they could be and they’ll become what they should be.  #MorningNuggets


You may be thriving. But just as weather changes, so will your current condition change. It may be a nice sunny day today, but without self- improvement you will have stormy days ahead. #MorningNuggets


Thinking better is a first step toward earning better. Each thought eventually leads to a decision. Each decision leads to an action. Each action then leads to a result. Thinking better and thinking things through puts the success odds in your favor.  #MorningNuggets


 Deciding should not be dependent solely on what others think. At some point the wind will stop blowing. You will have to think for yourself. Thinking for yourself means letting new information in so it can replace older irrelevant information. #MorningNuggets


Believing that someone owes you a living, or a friendship, or a favor is to misunderstand what the terms of life are all about. Life, after all, is a quest for meaning and improvement. You are not owed anything. You have to create it. #MorningNuggets


Having the courage to do something new and different, while suffering great discomfort at first, will place you on the pathway to incredible success. It is like a bird encouraging the flock to fly for the first time. Before they know it, they are doing it. #MorningNuggets


 You have the right to fulfill your dreams as long as they are really your dreams. It’s impossible to be happy making believe that the dreams are yours’. Living someone else’s dreams will ultimately turn into a nightmare. #MorningNuggets


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