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Top Morning Nuggets For December

Because life is a continuous search for wisdom, it is a good move to BELIEVE that that person you are speaking with may know something you don’t. LIsten with all your might and ask insightful questions. That is all that you’ll need. Go ahead, it’s time to listen.


The goodness of your inner light has the power to light up the world. When you can sincerely and gently prod someone away from their own mediocrity, they will feel blessed. They in turn will do for others what you have done for them.


You can never change the cards you were dealt.  Success is never determined by the hand you were dealt. Success has always been determined by playing the hand you were dealt to the best of your ability. Focusing on the means and not the ends becomes critical. You can’t control the outcome but you can control your response, effort and behavior.


Stop worrying prematurely which is where most worry takes place. WInston Churchill told a story about an old man on his deathbed, who said,“I had a lot of troubles in my life, most of which had never happened.


 It is impossible to help someone who does not wish to be helped.  Just as it is impossible to climb a fence that is leaning toward you and kissing a girl leaning out of reach–There is a time to move on.

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