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Top Morning Nuggets For January

When you wake up in the morning and you are eager to begin your day, do you have any idea how your day will end when you walk back into your home? Let me ask another question that will get you thinking more deeply. Did you WIN today or did you MATTER today? How you answer this will determine the path your life is taking. If you WON today, note things in your life will be fleeting and temporary. If you MATTERED today, your path will be filled with deep connections and contributions. A fulfilling and more permanent path.


Don’t let what you did in 2022 get you off course again for this year. Being BUSY may make you feel good because your time is occupied.  BUT the key thing is  that you are not moving FORWARD toward your primary goal. At some point in time your BUSYNESS is robbing you of MOMENTUM. To get your Business Life, Personal Life and Family life back on track here are three questions you will want to ask yourself: 1. WHAT DO I ABSOLUTELY NEED TO DO TODAY? 2. WHAT IS BLOCKING MY PROGRESS NOW? 3. WHAT DO I NEED TO STOP DOING? Start here and see how far these questions will take you.


 It is easy to spot those who have given up on themselves. This is what they look like.They were born on a given date. They died on a given date and they were buried many, many years later.  They just went through the motions of life WITHOUT LIVING LIFE. I hope this is not you.


 The three most prominent reasons for a poor self-image are also the easiest to overcome. 1. You confuse failing with the perceived inadequacy of the self. 2. You refuse to participate in new experiences. 3. You concentrate on what you CAN’T do. CHANGE THESE THOUGHTS and you WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


 Life acts like the proverbial ECHO. The vibes you send out come back. What you give to others comes back to you. What you sow you reap. Look at your ATTITUDE and review your ACTIONS. As you start the new year, the time is perfect to do this.

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