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Top Morning Nuggets For June

A CHAMPION OF LIFE knows that what you call FAILURE is merely a negative result hanging around SUCCESS. This is a great thought because SUCCESS could be closer than you think. It may be just over the horizon or just around the corner.


COURAGE is required to begin, continue and finish a task. You know that. COURAGE is also required to STAND UP AND SPEAK and to SIT DOWN AND LISTEN. So tell me, when are you going to employ YOUR COURAGE effectively?


When life knocks you down or has you on the ropes, RESILIENCE  keeps you “bouncing back” as you become MENTALLY STRONGER. Observe as your next  “I CAN’T” utterance becomes “I CERTAINLY CAN.” Keep giving yourself the gift of do-overs and watch the transformation happen.


The moment you can say,  “I GOT THIS” or “I’LL SHOW THEM- I’M BETTER THAN THIS,” is when you will   BOUNCE BACK EVEN HIGHER. The quicker you can believe and say these things  to yourself, the sooner you will reclaim your life.


 Belief in oneself is the engine of life that takes you places. The key point to remember is     that it is up to you to arrive at your destination. Thousands of “geniuses” live and die undiscovered- either by themselves or by others. It does not have to be that way. There is no such thing as phenomenal inherent talent. You can DEVELOP the skill(s) of your choosing. It just takes perseverance. Remember, that anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can do it well.

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