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Top Morning Nuggets For March

 Taking the pulse of your business is important. Too many businessmen ignore important data while looking in the business REAR VIEW MIRROR. Typical financial statements let you know what has happened. By then it’s too late.


 It’s great that you are deep in thought about what to do next. But thoughts alone will never move you along. Well developed thoughts coupled with a bias for action will provide problem solving power each day of the week.


 Typically, it’s easy to decide what you are GOING TO DO. It is much more difficult to decide what NOT to do.  But when you think in terms of CONSEQUENCES of the action contemplated by that THOUGHT, it all becomes so clear.


An example: A pessimist might complain about the wind. An optimist expects the wind to change. A realist adjusts the sails. Success and victory reside in doing not in hoping or wishing.


THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND: Man is MADE for ACCOMPLISHMENT. ENGINEERED for SUCCESS. ENDOWED with the SEEDS OF GREATNESS. You do know that this law is talking about YOU, don’t you?

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