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Top Morning Nuggets For May

Your life can be in order at one point and then in chaos the next moment. Order is structure. It is having a floor beneath your feet. Chaos is unexplored territory. It’s like having the carpet suddenly pulled out from under you. The point: Each is TEMPORARY.


 Are you becoming the person who strolls through life thinking, “I’m so glad that I’m not aware what others think about me and I am so happy that I haven’t grown as a human being” Silly you say. It’s scary how many people choose to remain unaware.


Here’s how  to confront a challenging issue at work or in the home: Practice what you need to say. Let everyone know how the “situation” makes you feel. Let those involved know you are EAGER to amicably solve the problem and are EAGER to hear what they have to say.


LETHAL NEUTRALITY occurs at home and work when you are asked to give an opinion and refuse. You have something important to say, yet you remain silent. Silence can become a deceptive lie when it consents to an action you disagree with.


Because you spend all your time being you, it is often difficult to think about life’s IMPORTANT and DEMANDING items from a different perspective. Those who can discover and examine these things from a different perspective ask themselves this CRITICAL QUESTION: I wonder what it’s like being……. (fill in the name of the person you are thinking about.) Perhaps it is time to see the spouse, boss, opponent, friend, colleague, etc. differently- as a real person rather than as an object of scorn and ridicule. Once you can see that person as a person, you will do what is necessary to adjust your behavior to help that situation along in a healthier way. Try it. You will be astounded by the results that come your way.

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