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Top Morning Nuggets For November

You can fulfill your dreams as long as they are  yours. It’s impossible to be happy living someone else’s dreams. When you do, your dreams will ultimately turn into nightmares.


You can live your life any way you want but only get to live it once. Better to make it a DARING ADVENTURE. Or, to put it another way: You die once. You get to LIVE every day. No matter how you view LIFE, are you living life your way?


 It is important to UNDERSTAND that the person you are speaking with just might know something you don’t know. Therefore, LISTENING does have its virtue. So does WATCHING what they do.


It is best to tackle a problem  when it is a marble-sized issue. You could wait until the problem grows into a baseball-sized or basketball-sized problem.  But, why would you do that? As always, the power to resolve any issue  is in your hands.


Life’s goals don’t have to be spectacular or glamorous. They Need to be optimistically yours’ and be action and future-oriented. It means determining how to take advantage of an opportunity posing as a problem, obstacle or  adversity.

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