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Top Morning Nuggets For November

Perhaps the greatest STOP SIGN you will face in life is the voice in your head that screams at you WHAT WILL PEOPLE (only you can name that person)THINK? On the other side of this proverbial STOP SIGN printed in bold letters is the word FEAR. Even though the bible restates over and over BE NOT AFRAID, its guidance is often ignored. Look, it is really understandable to be scared about doing something new and different. However, fear is worse. It is a harsh state of mind that illuminates that STOP SIGN. It is a state of being. It’s that voice in your head that consistently roots against you, as it exaggerates the negative consequences. Here is the important point to remember: On the other side of fear are one of two things. There is success or there is something to be learned.


 Determine the one skill you want elevated so you can accomplish an important task at work or in the home. Upon deciding what is lacking, take 2 steps today that will get you closer to mastering this skill.


 You take good care of the things you own-  a musical instrument, sporting equipment, books, tools, furniture, etc. You also own your life. You need to care for it as if it were your most precious possession. The mental and physical part must undergo constant cleanups and tuneups.  On the physical side exercise and what you ingest becomes critical. Mentally it is important to doubt what you know, be curious about what you don’t know, and update your thinking accordingly.


Today, words are used as the preferred weapon of choice. When you realize that WHAT HAS BEEN SAID CANNOT BE UNSAID, you will be far better off. So, choose your words carefully and precisely and express them at the right time, in the right way and with the right tone.


Some people see talented people as a threat to their survival in the company or with a customer. This is why many won’t help others advance. Rather they wait until the talent becomes obvious to others before they offer any assistance. AND Great leaders see the potential in others and help to shape it and bring it forth. Thinking that everything exists in potential enables you to see more possibilities. Many many more.

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