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Top Morning Nuggets For October

Here is something I want you to think about. Many professionals speak of “DIFFERENTIATION”. I like to talk about clients’ talents as “YOUR UNIQUES”. Take a moment and ruminate about your specialness- about what others have told you that separates you from the pack. We’re talking about what makes you different. This could be the perspectives you take or your brand of teamwork that fosters collaboration  (where there was none) or the concepts and attitude you bring to the client/customer that gets the results they want, etc. It’s more about how you do things rather than what you do.


Character is so much more than who you think you are. It is what you project to your peers, family, friends, & colleagues. So, here’s a question for you to consider. Are you portraying yourself in your best light?


Life, as you already know, contains a multitude of problems, waiting for you to do something about them. You can whine about their existence, or (through thought control and effort), solve them.The interesting thing about problems is that they often act as mirrors, reflecting back your mistakes, deficiencies and flaws. It is impossible to solve any problem by insisting or hoping that some other person comes to your rescue. They won’t. Your success depends on your ACCOUNTABILITY to yourself. Being accountable is a first rate way to obtain the desired results. Afterall. You can’t have someone else do push-ups for you. Accountability gives you the edge. It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent who excels. It’s the one who can ADAPT the quickest.


 When you look for friends, they will be scarce. When you are a friend you will have more than you’ll need. This is the “YOU GET BY GIVING PRINCIPLE” at work. Actually, this principle, when generously applied to all aspects of your life , will yield phenomenal results.


Leave your unwelcomed past behind. Never commingle a bad experience INTO your PRESENT. You never want  a new result  to become CONTAMINATED by the BAD original happening. Leave it in the past. NOW it’s time to create new possibilities. You can only move forward with your life in a way that brings you closer to meeting your ideas for success when you become an expert at filtering out any and all contamination. It is easier than you think. It requires that you get out of the pernicious habit of defining yourself by your worst days/decisions. There you have it. Now start that filtering process. It will change your life!!!!!!!!!!!


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