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Top Morning Nuggets For September

Today, one of the hardest things to accomplish is separating opinions based on evidence from those that will get you liked. Welcome to High School all over again. You’ll do much better sticking to facts and evidence.  That way, you’ll never have trouble remembering what you said before.


Have you determined the one skill, if developed, that would have the greatest impact on your ability to advance and be recognized? Just asking.


ANY DECISIVE MOVE in a crisis at first is like going uphill in a bike race. BUT, THEN as right decisions are made under extreme pressure,  going uphill feels like you are going downhill. That is what momentum feels like.


 Changing your mind is a sign of STRENGTH. It is NOT a weakness or sign of defeat or a  sign of flip-flopping. It is acknowledging NEW DATA,  aligning with TRUTH and possessing  INTELLECTUAL INTEGRITY.


 It is never wise to take a risk for risk sake.  A failure to THINK about impending consequences could  jeopardize your position today. Sadly, your lack of foresight could even prevent you from accomplishing the great things that you have yet to do. Inappropriate shortcuts and poorly executed plans have destroyed many careers.

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