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Top Morning Posts For September

As a day passes into another, the previous day is no longer there. Or is it? A great question: What is to become of that passing day? Do you learn from it or do you let it define you? That is the EVERYDAY CHOICE you make. You see, the only thing that remains is YOUR STORY ABOUT THE DAY. Crafting that story can break through the inertia and place you on the road to success when you see what is really there honestly and accurately, even when things get a bit unpleasant or inconvenient. LIFE is a story. Your life is a story. You are the author and narrator. With such power you are either at the beginning or middle of the  story. What’s about to happen? Oh, the end of the story, well that’s up to you, isn’t it.


Your happiness is directly related to your INTERPRETATION of events that you experience. Hopefulness and optimism will lead to one conclusion. Discouragement and gloom will lead to a different one. The same event. Two widely varying conclusions. The way you THINK ABOUT things is very impactful indeed.


There are always different ways to look at a given set of facts. There are different and efficient ways to solve problems. Start looking for the difference in how you look at things. Here is a great question. HOW ELSE CAN I LOOK AT THIS? You just might be amazed at what you discover and see.


Everything is dependent and  relative. There is no FAST without SLOW. There is no SOUND without SILENCE. There is no GOOD without BAD and there is no SUCCESS without FAILURE! Einstein is not the only one who appreciates relativity.  It is a concept that contains tremendous power. You can harness that power by being aware of the progress you are making.


A fundamental principle of life is that you cannot get from the world without first giving to the world. A taker will eventually meet total defeat. A giver will eventually meet total victory. If you are a taker it is time to rethink your position. If you are a giver, you may want to double down on your goodness, providing you don’t ignore your own needs. As always in life, the choice is yours.

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