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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas

I lay there in bed

With a million thoughts

Going round in my head


This year life took wicked turns

Life was just a bust

No matter my efforts

Things ended in disgust


I thought I did everything right

Hey, I even had a plan

But, no matter the situation

The results were just bland


Thank goodness 2020 is about finished,

They say looking back doesn’t help- it’s just old news

If you want to excel

It’s up to you to just choose


The choice is very clear

Take the first step then two

Each of us has this power

That’s the power to DO


First COVID, then job loss  and

then troubles ensued

The government played politics

While I’m stuck in life’s goo


I’d like to think I will rise once again,

like the PHOENIX of Greek yore,

Christmas Day gives me hope

The kind I’ve experienced before


Sure I’ve been knocked down

I’ve even been sprawled on my back

And each time I got up

I learned a new fact


This Christmas Day will be a new beginning-

A new starting point of sorts

I will take control of what I can

And prioritize my thoughts


I’m thinking a lot better

Now I know that life can turn on a dime

But I’m vowing to live

As if I’m living for a 2nd time


With renewed determination

At Christmas I’ll rise to new heights

I have one final wish- I will not live in fright







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