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Top Morning Nuggets for April

Trust is like the air that you breathe. When it is present no one notices. When it is absent, everyone notices. TRUST AFFECTS REPUTATION. Better have a great reputation because everyone notices all the time and  IT WILL ALWAYS ARRIVE BEFORE YOU DO.   People generally give too little thought to properly defining the problem […]

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Top Morning Nuggets For February

Too many people become encased in cement when they dwell on what they CANNOT DO. When some abilities are removed, pause the CANNOT DO button and press the CAN-DO button. When you try this, your life could be imbued with meaning once again. Rethinking about your current abilities is a difficult process. You can do […]

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Top Morning Nuggets For January

Think how much more efficient and in control you would be if you changed your vocabulary just a bit. Stop saying to yourself,  I OUGHT TO  DO and I SHOULD DO….. SAY   I CHOOSE TO DO (after appropriate consideration of the facts and circumstances.)   ACCOMPLISHMENT is your birthright. SUCCESS and ATTAINMENT are the […]

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Top Morning Nuggets For December

Many folks have a dream and put it away in a secret place and never look at it again. Now go to that place and  view it  every day until you have turned your stored away dreams into something real important.    This morning have you said for the one thousandth time, It’s not the […]

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Top Morning Nuggets For November

You can fulfill your dreams as long as they are  yours. It’s impossible to be happy living someone else’s dreams. When you do, your dreams will ultimately turn into nightmares.   You can live your life any way you want but only get to live it once. Better to make it a DARING ADVENTURE. Or, […]

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Top Morning Nuggets For October

 Being proactive at work  and at home is much better than being reactive. The former will get you recognized & appreciated. The latter will just get  you scrutinized & criticized.     Every EXPERIENCE you have provides an opportunity to learn, grow and to sharpen skills. Imagine  ALWAYS having the power to improve. Yes, you have […]

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Top Morning Nuggets For August

You will be much, much happier when you GROW and IMPROVE. STRIVING TO BE YOUR BEST every day means that you DARE to BREAK FREE from your comfort zone. This may frighten you at first. However, this deed will ultimately pay HUGE DIVIDENDS.    Business rank should  not matter to a LEADER when discussing possible […]

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Top Morning Nuggets For July

 Never let a thought roam around your mind UNRESTRAINED. Study the thought for its effect. Once a thought is accepted, act on it. The action allows an objective to be achieved. A thought then action-A CHAMPION OF LIFE. Hello Champion.   Today’s Lesson: How to make a TERRIBLE DECISION:                 HAVE NO ALTERNATIVES.                 IGNORE DISSENTING VOICES. […]

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Top Morning Nuggets For April

Becoming a CHAMPION OF LIFE, lets you excel on the playing field of life. A CHAMPION knows that how you interpret events will determine your future. This could be more important than what actually transpired. You can look at the event and play the victim. You can also experience the same event with grit and […]

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Top Morning Nuggets For March

 Taking the pulse of your business is important. Too many businessmen ignore important data while looking in the business REAR VIEW MIRROR. Typical financial statements let you know what has happened. By then it’s too late.    It’s great that you are deep in thought about what to do next. But thoughts alone will never […]

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Trust is like the air that you breathe. When it is present no one notices. When it is absent, everyone
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